About Our Business

Venancio USA is founded in Brazil, the world’s second-largest exporter of iron ore and minerals. Forged from this rich history, Venancio’s products distribute quality industrial kitchen appliances to purveyors of food products around the world.

Established on February 6th, 1991, Venancio began with the production of wood-fired ranges. These cast-iron wood-fired ranges gained popularity quickly specifically in the southern part of Brazil and in Argentina. Since its inception, Venancio has been constantly expanding and improving the factory, consistently acquiring and studying new manufacturing technologies. This has allowed Venancio to have unparalleled manufacturing capacity.  With us being the number one restaurant equipment dealer in the United States.

From Humble Beginnings to Serving Over 10 Million Food Purveyors & Businesses

As a family-owned business, Venancio USA has become a leading supplier to the foodservice industry. Each year we process tons of raw material to manufacture proprietary products of superior quality and reliability.
Our manufacturing facility encompasses a vast 570,000 sq. ft footprint where all production processes integrate and communicate. This internal vertically integrated manufacturing model results in unparalleled efficiencies, faster turnarounds, reduced cost, and increased flexibility for all our customers.

At our factory, we have a cast iron foundry, vitreous enamel (porcelain enamel) production, & we process our stainless steel from coils. Our state-of-the-art production facility even includes laser cutting, punching machines, stamping machines, precision water cutting, fully automated stainless-steel bending and cutting machines, Robotic welding and much more. With beginning-to-end production capabilities, Venancio is unmatched with strict quality control measures at all production phases.