The griddles and charbroilers in our Restaurant Series Elite line offer the same simplicity, durability, and significant value and cost-efficiency. This countertop line is also available in 5-6 sizes, manufactured like no other. In addition, our Countertop equipment offers an innovatively unique and exciting option for configuration. They act as modular pieces and can integrate into any of our countertop bases you will see further in our catalog. This product is 100% manufactured at our factory-like all our gas cooking equipment.


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Spec sheet Countertop Griddle Thermostatic Gas Restaurant


Spec sheet Countertop Griddle Manual Gas Restaurant

Countertop Equipment Griddle

  • * Fully welded structure, ensuring stability, resistance, and durability. 

    * Stainless steel front and sides. 

    * Anti-splash edge in 12 gauge stainless steel provides stability and durability. 

    * Plate welded to the edges ensuring tightness to the set. 

    * Independent burner box, increasing efficiency and facilitating any maintenance. 

    * Pilot viewing and adjustment are made through the front panel. 

    * Black paint-injected aluminum knobs providing for better

    toughness and durability. 

    * Collector tray made of stainless steel with 1 gallon (3,8L) capacity for easy removal and cleaning. 

    * 4" highly polished chrome adjustable steel legs.