* 4-Year warranty (4-years parts & 2 years labor).

* Patented high-efficiency 2-piece cast iron non-clog & self-cleaning burners rated at 22,000 BTU (NAT) & (LP) p/ burner. 

* 14 gauge fully welded interlocking frame. 

* Chrome insulated knobs. 

* 6" Adjustable legs. 

* Conversion kit included. 

* Stainless steel flex gas tube throughout. 

* Stainless steel front and sides. 

* Stainless steel removable crumb drawer under burners. 

* Stainless steel 7" plate rail. 

* Stainless steel 22.5" flue riser with a stainless steel reversible and removable over-shelf. 

* One pilot light for each burner. 

* Heavy-duty 12" x 12" removable cast-iron grates. 

* Front located manual gas shutoff to the entire range.


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Genesis CO Oven

  • * 30,000 BTU/h ovens with snap action thermostat from 175 °F to 550 °F and 100% safety shut off. 

    * 26 1⁄2" Standard bakery depth on all ovens. 

    * Piezo spark ignition for oven bases. 

    * All stainless-steel oven cavities (Top, bottom, and side). 

    * Heavy-duty oven wired rack – 3/8" diameter. 

    * The convection oven has 5 shelf positions and 4 racks. 

    * Dynamic Airflow Technology (DAT) a patented convection oven with balanced airflow, a low profile fan, 26 1/2" oven interior depth. Only Convection oven base that fits a full-size sheet pan on all models. 

    * The convection oven has an on/off switch and high/low fan speed. 

    * Spring-assisted, Counterweight balanced doors.