Restaurant Series Elite Combo Ranges


12″ gauge polished stainless steel plate.
3/4” (19.05 mm) thick polished carbon steel working griddle plate.
Fully welded griddle plate.
Enamelled burners placed every 12″, providing uniformity when operating.
Pilots accessible through front panel.
Easily removable stainless steel griddle grease trap.


30,000 BTU/h oven with snap action thermostat from 175 °F to 550 °F and 100% safety shut off.
26 1⁄2″ Standard bakery depth on all ovens.
Piezo spark ignition for oven bases.
Double-sided enamel oven cavity (Exterior and interior top, bottom, and side).
Heavy-duty oven wired rack – 3/8″ diameter.
The standard oven has 3 shelf positions and 2 racks.
Counterweight balanced doors.