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Venancio USA Redefines Quality in The Commercial Kitchen, and We Reinforce That With Our Warranty Programs.

The best warranties in the industry:
Schools K-12: 4-Years parts and labor (Restaurant Series, Genesis Series and Convection Ovens)
Warranty must be registered
Convection Ovens: 2-Year warranty (2 years parts & 2 years labor)
Prime Range Line: 1-Year warranty (1 year parts & 1 year labor)
Octo Range Line: 1-Year warranty (1 year parts & 1 year labor)
Restaurant Series Pro: 2-Year warranty (2 years parts & 2 years labor)
Genesis Series: 3-Year warranty (3 years parts & 3 years labor)

BONUS LIFETIME warranty on all our cast iron open burners!
Venancio USA agrees to repair or replace, at our option, warranted parts or items that fail due to defects in design, materials or workmanship during the warranty period. Service is to be provided during normal business hours of the authorized Venancio Service Providers. Some limitations and exceptions apply.

Please check the official warranty policy or contact Venancio USA directly at 954-367-7846 or email us at support@venanciousa.com for details.

For immediate assistance with a warranty issue please email warranty@venanciousa.com

Venancio USA highly recommends that you register your products warranty. This will guarantee the quickest response time when service is needed. Please fill out the form below to register your products warranty online.

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